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Madonna Cherub Charm Necklace | handcrafted

Madonna Cherub Charm Necklace | handcrafted

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this piece is one of a kind, designed + handcrafted by rileyhaus creator amy


This particular pieces features a colorful bouquet of vintage, antique + sustainable charms. The madonna charm necklace was thoughtfully curated by the artist of rielyhaus. Each charm dances on a gold tone + limoncello collar


The madonna charm necklace is inspired by the painting Sistine Madonna (Madonna di San Sisto) a famous oil painting by Italian artist Raphael. The painting resides peacefully within the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 


cost reflects the detailed + hand-made nature of this product plus the time and energy, sweat and tears it took to make it :) - (did i make it obvious enough that i love this piece?)

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