about rileyhaus

Design that ignites memories
Sending a sincere thank you and blowing a kiss from the little apple.
Whether you’re new to Rileyhaus or have been a supporter from the start- I wanted to send you a note about Rileyhaus and how it works! 
Rileyhaus began as a passion project and has become my full time gig. The name was inspired by my grandmothers maiden name which I accidentally misspelled (WHOOPS) but turns out this spelling of riley means valiant and brave which is what this brand means to me so I rolled with it! 
I am a one woman show for now! I own this business, create the products, source the tools and materials, package with a thoughtful passionate heart. I am committed to making innovative and unique pieces with my own two hands in the USA. Each collection I make is small batch production which helps each piece be made with intention and care.
I am so grateful to you for being apart of my pursuit to make art as a living and to make each piece I design meaningful. 
stay riley