Sending a sincere thank you and blowing a kiss from the little apple.

rileyhaus is a bespoke jewelry brand specializing in artfully revived antiquity and poetic pieces. My work embraces historic artisanal elements while sharing a new meaningful story. With an emphasis in slow fashion and sustainability, my designs aim to communicate, inspire and evoke feeling when worn. My vision for rileyhaus is continuously inspired by nature, art, high fashion, and the unique human experience. 

I am a one woman owned brand committed to creating avant-garde, soulful works of art with intense care. Each unique riley piece is designed and handcrafted by me stemming from up-cycled vintage and antique materials that bloom into luxury, often one of a kind pieces.  rileyhaus first launched as a passion project and has become my full-time passion pursuit. The name is a blend of my own and my dear late grandmother's maiden name.  riley means "valiant and brave" which is what this brand means to me.


I am incredibly grateful to you for being apart of my pursuit to make art as a living and to make each piece I design meaningful. 


xx stay riley

design that ignites memories