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Bluebird Heirloom Charm Necklace

Bluebird Heirloom Charm Necklace

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Limited Edition.

An heirloom necklace designed for anyone in need of sentiment, encouragement and  positivity in their own story. May you pass yours down when you see a loved one in need of the same.

  • Composition: Genuine 24K gold fill chain adorned with antique, vintage charms and dashes of genuine pearls

The Bluebird Heirlooms Story:

a butterfly - messengers of joy and good fortune. butterfly’s are significant symbols of rebirth.

four leaf clover with wishbone - offering luck, hope and a positive future ahead. 

bluebird - associated with happiness and harmony. The bluebird is said to bring good news. 

A pearls - representing the journey of the soul. Pearls are said to offer wisdom, enlightenment, protection, and longevity. 





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