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riley heirloom | custom handcrafted

riley heirloom | custom handcrafted

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Riley Heirloom Stlye
Design that ignites memories
 Wear your story close to your heart to remind yourself how rare and inspiring you are

handcrafted utilizing antique vintage and new elements, the heirloom necklace is uniquely special as each of its charms are inspired by your own story.

This piece is available for custom order with an option of 4, 6, or 8 charms and either an 24k gold fill, 14K solid gold, or sterling silver chain. Each heirloom design presents a single genuine baroque pearl at its center. 

The final outcome presents each client with a cherished piece of jewelry that not only looks beautiful but holds deep invaluable memories and meaning.  


a note from the artist: the purpose of this piece of jewelry I have designed is to encourage others to purchase things not just for their beauty but also for a feeling. It often seems as though art is appreciated for its aesthetic or craft but I’d like to remind people that some of the truest most captivating elements of art can be the story within it-  that is what the heirloom is meant to convey. Each charm I use is customized based on a series of questions I ask each client about their own story, what inspires them and brings them feelings of love.

the heirloom is intended to be emotionally charged and inspired by each individuals unique story-  their hopes, dreams, loves.  May it resonate with personal nostalgia when seen and worn, may it give that gooey heart warming feeling.



 *Please take note* - this piece takes roughly 5-8 weeks to create. 

After purchasing this piece - we will connect on next steps for your custom piece via email. Please provide a convenient working email at check-out and then once you've paid please expect an email from me ( within 1-2 business days from purchasing


for immediate questions please DM me on instagram @rileyhaus_ or email me at

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